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Tight, Quentin Saunier

svetlana profirova

my mother found a new job opportunity for me which came out of thin air. it’s a plumbing supply company that does all kinds of kitchen and bath remodeling. there’s a showroom position open. the cool part is that this place is like 7 minutes away from where i currently work. so if i got this job, my commute would still be a breeze.

a longtime friend of my parents works there and he said he would put in a good word for me. he passed along the info of the managers i needed to get in contact with. i will send them an e-mail tonight with a cover letter and include my resume. i will follow up on monday. i need to make an appointment on monday as well with the one guy to discuss things further.

i have been at my current job for over three years. i still cannot support myself with the little money i make. i am 25 and living with my parents again. i haven’t been given a raise and when i ask how to make more money, i get a smartass remark. i work hard for insane hours. the company lacks is all kinds of areas and cheats it’s employees. it is time to move on to anything else.

i have no idea what this new job would pay but the hours are wonderful. i would work 9-5 monday through friday and 9-1 on saturday. i can deal with that!

i really need this change to happen. i feel so trapped. it’s hard to remain stuck in life while everyone around you keeps on advancing to greeting and better things. i know i should not be comparing myself to others because we’re on different paths but come on.

i never ask for much but i have begged and pleaded and prayed for a new job for what seems like an eternity.

i am just so tired if where i am. it has been beyond frustrating to try to get out but have every open door slammed in your face again and again and again after year after year after year.

i desperately want and truly need your prayers, thoughts, good energy, and positive vibes.

thank you in advance.